The Australian gun laws are set to regulate the State’s and territories gun importation. Australian gun law is regulated by the Federal type of government. The ownership, use, and possession of the firearms in Australia are usually regulated by State laws. The State that regulates firearms in Australia is New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia, Queensland and the Western Australia. The firearms were introduced in Australia in 1788 when the colony of the New South Wales was a penal settlement and the military garrison was armed. The firearms were used for hunting, protection of both personal and crops and for fighting the crimes. The firearms were also used to protect explorers and the settlers from the Aboriginal attack.

The Australian colonists used firearms in the confliction with the bushrangers and rebellions. The gun control legislation in Australia was transformed by Port Arthur after 35 people were killed and others wounded when the gun shop was opened. John Howard took the gun proposal which was developed from the report of National Committee and convinces the State to adopt the National Firearms Agreement.

The Australia gun law was aligned by National Firearms Agreement in 1996. National Firearm Agreement defines clearly the categories of firearms together with their levels of control. Any person using a firearm in Australia must have a firearm license. The license holder must portray a genuine reason for holding the firearm license. All the firearms in Australia must be registered and have serial numbers. The Australian gun law was responsibility given to each colony since the Federation in 1901.