How Haganah Protects our Country from Terrorism

Defense Haganah

The Zionist military organisation was mainly representing the Jewish people in Palestine from the year 1920 to 1948.  It was organising to the battle between the Jewish and Arabs of Palestine. For the information, it already comes under the process of a global federation of the labour. We all know that the British mandatory and the arm was outlaw.

It was mainly managing to defend the settlements of Jewish. As per the information, the Haganah was in the usual process. Yes, it was all happening until the Second World War during those years.

Against Terrorist activities

People know that the Haganah was working with the very liberal process till the world war. Later, there was a settlement between Jewish community policies.     According to the information, the Haganah was mainly against the terrorist activities and the political philosophy. Thus the general association of the Haganah gives their services according to the part time basis. During the year of 1941, it was the full-time force of the commando of Palmach. After the world war, the British start to refuse the open Palestine to Jewish immigration.

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Reason behind terrorism

By refuses of British to the Palestine which leads to limitless the Jewish people immigration. It turns the Haganah into terrorist activities like bombing the bridges, rail lines. Ships were also using to deport the illegal immigrants of Jewish. After the process of United Nations important decision to dividing Palestine during the year of 1947.

Defence force of Jewish state

Defense Haganah

According to the relevant decision of United States, the Haganah mainly came as the open security force. Thus the defence force of the state was primarily clashing with the forces of British. After the clashing with British troops, the Haganah won the military forces of the allies and their Palestinian Arab peoples.

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During the period of Israel state of creation, the Haganah controls key areas like Israel as well as Arab cities. After the order of Israel provisional government, the Haganah organisation turns into the general national army of the state. The army was known as Haganah le yisrael.