Terrorist uses Fake Facebook Profiles to Spy on us

Facebook Terror

Using Facebook become more common nowadays among the people. This popular social networking site helps you to find out your friends and connect with them. It is one of the top social networking sites to chat and find new friends across the globe.

People who are all looking for the great application to make friends, this app would be their first preference. There are more than billion of followers using this great Facebook application. By using this app, you can share the moments with photos. It also helps to share videos as well at anytime from anywhere.

Drawbacks of FB


We all know that the Facebook app has a lot of advantages. On the other side, there are also drawbacks to using. Once any of the information, pictures or video sharing will go viral and makes an impact. It works well with people who want to share the valuable information with the public.

At the same time, the information with bad things also creates the negative impact on them. People are mainly using this app for connecting with new people. But one must be aware of fake id on Facebook. Nowadays, there are many fake ids are roaming in Facebook to misuse. They also use High Traffic Facebook Pages to get their Targets. Often Sometimes, they try to Buy Facebook Likes on their Profiles so that it can look Natural and Real.

Terrorists spying on us

As per the official information from the source, there is an enormous number of ISIS terrorist spreading in fake ids. They use to target the higher authority officials of cyber crime department. They will watch their movements for all the time. By using the fake id, the terrorist will handle the account and try to send the request. So people who are all using the Facebook account must be alert and aware of this situation. Recently, the cyber crime department gets the information that many ISIS terrorists using Facebook.


The cyber crime department requests to avoid the strange friend request on Facebook. Once you receive the request from an unknown person, please check out the whole profile. Awareness about this information is must among the people. So sharing the information with friends and families regarding this issue will make them safe.